Landscape Decoration, No 16 by Sidney Sime


IMG_1827 IMG_2640IMG_1826IMG_2636

This painting is felt to a late work of the artist, probably dating from the 1920’s. It has a strong,  composition, deep vibrant pigments, the most wonderful, rich, buttery impasto [high, textured brushstrokes],  and … oh yes, two, large vertical tears, a warped stretcher, fragile areas of flaking paint and an uneven surface tension; all very distracting.

The Trustees of The Sidney Sime Gallery were successful in securing funding from the Guildford branch of NADFAS  to restore this painting. Their support is gratefully acknowledged.

The treatment was complex, particularly the structural repair, but very successful. The repaired canvas was not re-lined [an additional canvas adhered to the back] but strip lined and supported on a new loomed stretcher, thus the texture of the paint and the integrity of the artist’s technique was preserved.


2 thoughts on “Landscape Decoration, No 16 by Sidney Sime

  1. Hazel Neill Conservation says:

    That could well have been what happened Doug. The damage occurred in the distant past – no one connected with the museum can remember when it happened. I have formed a theory that it was in this condition when the gallery was founded in 1956.

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